Kelly Singing Breakaway 10 Feet in Front of Me

She surprised the audience by coming out to perform Breakaway and the beginning of Since U Been Gone. Where did she wind up? TEN FEET IN FRONT OF ME. The best part: the two snarky gay dudes sitting next to us missed the whole thing. Right before this she did a new song, so they scooted past us saying something to the effect of "new song, eh, time to hit to bar." Fast forward three minutes. Hahahaha. Suckas.

The highlights of the show: Kelly was in great voice, the people watching - from the little girls in their homemade shirts to the bitchy gaybois - was first-rate, and Kelly covered a Marc Broussard song, which Ernie and I thought was pretty damn cool.

Here's Ernie's dead-on description of the night.

And here's a video of Because of You - courtesy of my little camera, which previously had only filmed baby cousins crawling around the room.

And here's a snippet of Breakaway, sung, once again, TEN FEET AWAY FROM ME.