There is a lot of garbage but also a few gems in this site's archive. While searching for something for the GUBA Blog, I came across this faux fight between me and a former DivInc colleague. Not so funny to those with no knowledge of the inside jokes she makes reference to, but super funny to me.


Can we talk?

I feel as though a truce needs to be called between us, regarding our recent behavior toward one another. When I discussed the situation with my anger management counselor, he suggested I initiate a dialogue with you in the hopes that a cordial working relationship could be establish, which may produce a long-lasting, and rewarding, friendship for years to come. I shared with him our good times - your faxed love letter to me, "D" as in "DeGroat," when you pulled the handle off the fireplace at Clyde's, Leonard - those were good times. However, I also mentioned some of our darkest days - my punching you and pouring water over your head, you calling my hair ugly and saying my nails looked trashy, and you're over-competitive bowling attitude. With a little effort, and a lot of love, I think we can work through all this bitterness, before real violence occurs.

What do you say? Can we be friends?

Your sincere neighbor,


Dear Stephanie,

Please notice the following spelling/grammar corrections:

"could be establishED" - line 2
"your" instead of "you're" - line 4

Once you've mastered the English language, perhaps we can heal. Until then, bite me, number one Heather.

Warmest regards,
T.J. DeGroat"