I didn´t go to that intercambio last night but I did want a low key tapeo-ish experience, so I found a place really close to my hostal, La Casa del Abuelo, and had some super good sweet red wine. I was back at the hostal by midnight, when I stuffed my ears full of foam and kicked jetlag´s ass, sleeping until 9:30ish.

This morning I hit some of the major sights: the Palacio Real (didn´t go in - saving that for tomorrow´s rain) and the construction-filled Plaza Mayor. But the best part of the day definitely was dunking those long, thin churros into that rich chocolate drink at Chocolatería San Gines. I´ve tried to make this drink at home with mix, but always wound up having to dump it. The real deal is awesome.

When my hour here is up, I think I´m gonna check out a local chain of sandwich shops Jesús mentioned. Perhaps a bocadillo de chorizo?